This role revolves around the analysis of data using VP’s industrial IoT platform – VPVision – whether that’s using modelling techniques to optimise the energy management strategy for an electric powertrain, or analysis to spot anomalies that may indicate a component failure. The person will relish the opportunity to relate analytical techniques to real world mechanical/electrical applications, works independently and enjoys solving technical problems on complex systems.

Responsibilities and Activities:

• Obtain a good understanding of how a monitored machine or device works at a component and system level, the problems that need to be solved and the optimisations required;

• Review, understand, clean and analyse data from a variety of device types and sources;

• Building upon the existing cloud architecture, design and trial data analyses concepts that address the issue and handle edge cases;

• Develop new cloud-based analytical solutions to automatically enrich real-time and batch vehicle data;

• Evaluate and use a variety of AWS products, including S3, DynamoDB, EC2 & IoT to create automatic solutions that work with existing architecture and that can scale;

• Establish a testing and validation mechanism that can be used to prove out new solutions;

• Work within cost targets, trade off different approaches and ultimately deploy analysis techniques into a production environment in the cloud or at the edge;

• Interface with the customer, suppliers (such as AWS) or third party developers in the creation of solutions;

• To support the development of new powertrains – work with and understand mechanical and electrical systems within hybrid and electric vehicles;

• Cleaning, analysis and quantification of real-world cloud based data to continually aid and improve development of control algorithms.

Skills and Experience


• Excellent problem-solving skills. Takes ownership of problems and sees them through to a conclusion;

• Good understanding of general engineering principles related to hybrid and electric vehicle technology;

• Strong verbal, written, mathematical and spatial reasoning skills;

• Organised, data-driven and an analytical mind;

• Experience with AWS or similar cloud technology;

• Ability to create and understand complex analytical and simulation models;

• Proficiency using Python or similar high level programming language;

• Experience with relational and non-relational databases;

• Experience with data visualisation and presentation;

• Motivated, enthusiastic and interested by the industry and products;

• Passionate about attention to detail and delivery of high quality content.


• Automotive industry experience;

• An understanding of lead acid and lithium-ion batteries;

• Experience with big data tools e.g. Hadoop, Cassandra;

• Experience with cloud-based data analysis tools;

• Experience building machine learning models and using advanced statistical techniques;

• Experience with National Instruments Diadem, Matlab/Simulink.

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