This role revolves around the technical leadership and development of VP’s industrial IoT platform – VPVision – as we move to connect more customer applications and enhance the data driven services we can provide.  Using existing AWS architecture as a baseline and an existing Django front-end, improvements, optimisations and new features will be developed to support customer use cases and an internal development roadmap.  In the long term, as the team expands, there may be an opportunity for this person to focus in on a specific area, either on the back-end or the front-end development.

Candidates must be eligible to work in the UK. Candidates already in the UK and working under Tier 2 Sponsorship will also be considered.

Responsibilities and Activities:

• Define and deploy AWS cloud infrastructure to support development of VPVision;

• Develop new features independently, or by managing 3rd party providers / contractors, whilst ensuring it can be scaled to 1000’s of devices;

• Own the maintenance, optimisation and development of VPVision’s IoT telemetry platform, based on the Django Web Framework;

• Create a development and deployment framework that ensures a high quality of work where software is sufficiently tested, validated and released in line with best practice;

• Based on customer feedback and internal business needs, collaborate with other domain experts and contribute to the creation of a long-term technology roadmap;

• Appraise new technology and assess its suitability for application within VPVision;

• Own the development and delivery of new features in line with the technology roadmap;

• Ensure requirements for security, design documentation and regulations are well defined within your domain, are complied with, updated and maintained;

• Deliver rapid customer trials by spinning up new instances and modifying code on the fly to impress customers and secure new sales;

• Diagnose the root cause and provide corrective actions for issues experienced;

• Create cloud environments in which to innovate with data and rapidly trial new ideas;

• Design and development new UI / UX, create novel data visualisation techniques;

• Develop monitoring and alerting tools for the portal infrastructure;

• Control access permissions across multiple cloud accounts;

Engineering Team Lead (below): Scope out and estimate tasks, create project plans, report on progress, manage risks and opportunities;

• Interface with customers (internal / external) to support sales efforts, understand project scope and create requirements documents;

• Use appropriate management techniques (ie SCRUM) to ensure your team are correctly prioritised and able to work effectively;

• Provide line management for team of engineers working on VPVision. Assume responsibility for your teams delivery of work to time, cost and quality;

• Identify training needs for the team, provide 1 on 1 coaching;

• Manage resource conflicts;

• Provide engineering oversight of 3rd party developers and contributors to ensure their work is in-line with VP’s best practice, roadmap, quality and development strategy.

Skills and Experience


• Excellent problem-solving skills. Takes ownership of problems and sees them through to a conclusion;

• Strong verbal, written, mathematical and spatial reasoning skills;

• Organised, data-driven and an analytical mind;

• Experience with AWS or similar cloud technology;

• Experience with data visualisation and presentation;

• Motivated, enthusiastic and interested by the industry and products;

• Passionate about attention to detail and delivery of high quality content;

• Experience with the Django framework and javascript;

• Experience with relational databases and SQL;

• Familiar with Git or other types of source control.


• Automotive industry experience;

• Experience with javascript graphing libraries such as D3, google charts, Charts.js;

• Experience with modern javascript frameworks;

• Experience with REST and WebSocket APIs;

• Experience with deploying infrastructure as code using Terraform/Cloudformation/Chef/Ansible;

• Familiar with AWS IAM concepts;

• Interface and user experience design capabilities.

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