As Vantage Power transitions through the prototype and pre-production phase towards volume manufacture, the Production and Operations team will grow and mature. One of the areas that requires continued development is improving product quality through the supply chain, through production and also once the vehicles are in service.

We are looking for a dynamic, proactive and hands on quality engineer to take a critical role within the business. You will help investigate supplier defects in order to define and monitor corrective actions. You will have oversight on internal issues experienced by the production team and assist in diagnosing and ensuring fixes are correctly implemented, and also assist in tracking and managing quality issues for fielded equipment. You will have oversight and influence over the whole breadth of our production line and in service equipment and to ensure best practice is applied to product release processes, build configurations and warranty claims against Vantage Power and our suppliers.

Responsibilities and Activities:

• Perform / Check First Article Inspections on delivered goods;

• Perform First Article Inspections on manufactured goods before delivery;

• Work with the supply team to implement corrective actions within the supply chain;

• Get hands on if required, to measure delivered product and ensure they meet the required quality standards;

• Work with the Production team to ensure quality defects are identified and corrective actions implemented;

• Understand defects on fielded equipment, track the application of fixes within build standards and ensure their effectiveness;

• If manufacture is outsourced, ensure goods receiving inspection processes and their manufacturing quality control processes are working correctly;

• Ensure a tight control of the build standards being delivered;

• Coordinate the implementation of quality escape / campaigns on delivered goods and track their implementation;

• Lead the development and implementation of processes within the business to increase quality;

• Work with the engineering team as they design and release new products to help ensure the highest quality standards are met;

• Processing warranty claims from customers and to our suppliers.

Skills and Experience


• Relevant quality assurance certifications;

• Experience in manufacturing and/or support sectors;

• Natural affinity with all manner of IT, including databases and Excel;

• Experience in failure root cause and analysis methodologies;

• Experience in creating processes and procedures;

• Working knowledge of configuration control, BOMs and change processes;

• Exceptional communicator, both receiving technical data and articulating complex problems in a concise and simple manner;

• Excellent understanding of the business considerations around warranty provision;

• Experience in applying inspection and quality control techniques.


• Experience working in automotive, plant, large engines or the bus industry;

• Structured, organized, logical and data driven;

• Motivated, enthusiastic and interested by our products;

• Passionate about attention to detail and delivery of high quality content;

• Multi-faceted, multi-talented individual willing to perform a diverse role.

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