Production Operator
About the Role:

As Vantage Power approaches the start of its manufacturing phase the production team is being established. To begin with production will start at a slower rate as the initial vehicle tranches are built and released in to service. The manufacturing and assembly tasks will be trialled for the first time, the process will be refined and updated to improve quality and reduce duration. Over the coming months and years the production line will develop to meet the demands of the business, we will apply everything we learn in order to optimise processes and equipment to meet future throughput and quality requirements.

We are looking for an employee who will be a key member of the production team from the start, the role requires involvement in all aspects of battery production including mechanical / electrical assembly, fitting wiring looms, working in a high voltage environment and with coolants. They will have to be skilled when performing assembly tasks and also when following complex instructions. As the product and team develop, the employee will progressively pick up fault finding, repair and rework activities.

Responsibilities and Activities:

- Assembly of complex mechanical assemblies;

- Assembly of electrical assemblies and fitting wiring looms;

- Use hand tools, power tools and robotic tools to perform manual tasks;

- Use of welding equipment and measuring equipment;

- Fault finding mechanical and electrical faults;

- Following the safety precautions for and working with High Voltage assemblies;

- Fine soldering tasks on electrical assemblies;

- Follow assembly drawings and Instruction Sheets;

- Work in a safe and responsible manner following working practice and procedures;

- Maintain accurate logs and records, ensure progress is accurately reported;

- Maintain the cleanliness of the area and equipment;

- Ensure the highest quality standards for parts and assembly tasks are met;

- Assemble, move and set up equipment on the production line accurately and with care;

- Un-packing, re-packing and cleaning of parts and assemblies.

Skills and Experience


- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English are essential;

- Excellent attention to detail and good dexterity;

- The ability to read and understand work instructions and assembly drawings;

- The ability to understand and apply processes;

- Experience working on a production line assembling mechanical and/or electrical goods;

- Practical experience of manufacturing facilities.


- Prior experience working with ESD sensitive devices;

- Prior experience working with heavy goods and lifting equipment;

- Experience working in automotive, plant, large engines or the bus industry;

- Motivated, enthusiastic and interested by our products;

- Willing to learn new tasks and continually improve product quality.

Vantage Power explicitly rejects any obligations, conditions or terms and conditions attached to any CV, profile or email. All agreements are subject to contract.