From complete hybrid retrofit powertrains to reduce emissions and fleet costs, to turnkey hybrid and electric OEM solutions, Vantage Power has you covered.

Improving air quality, reducing emissions and fuel consumption are some of the greatest challenges of our time, and affect people the world over. Vantage Power’s products are specifically designed to make radical improvements in vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency, helping customers cut costs and achieve legislative compliance for a fraction the cost of alternative solutions.

Hybrid Retrofit

Vantage Power’s hybrid retrofit system replaces all the existing components in the bus engine bay – from the engine and gearbox through to the air compressor and cooling packs – with a brand new Euro VI hybrid system.

Upgrade your bus to achieve the latest emissions standard, a 40% reduction in fuel consumption, and an all new warrantied driveline.


Future Proofing Your Fleet

Converts non-compliant vehicles to Euro VI series hybrid with all-electric capability for guaranteed legislation compliance.

Financially Supported

Access to government funding programs with dedicated budgets for bus retrofits.

Significant Fuel and GHG Savings

40% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for a more cost effective and environmentally friendly fleet.

OE Solutions

Vantage Power designs and manufactures a range of hybrid and electric powertrain modules for design into new vehicle plaforms.

From battery packs and control systems to advanced telemetry, big data and Internet-of-Things, our original equipment solutions are ready to help increase your speed to market and deliver you a competitive edge.


Quicker Time to Market

Bus manufacturers can easily accommodate our advanced hybrid Euro VI and electric drivetrains into existing and new platforms, reducing development risk and time.

Reduced Ordering Complexity

Simplified supply chain by having one supplier of entire hybrid or electric system.

Simplified Technology Adoption

Carefully designed and packaged for ease of integration with wider bus architecture and connectivity.


VPVision is a fully customisable advanced cloud based telemetry system for buses, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Vantage Power has developed VPVision from the ground up for vehicle OEM’s, tier 1 suppliers of major vehicle systems, fleet operators and transit authorities where vehicle up-time and legislation compliance are of paramount importance.


Reduce vehicle costs

Cut costs by reducing the number of vehicle callouts by 50%, identifying problems and failures before they occur and saving essential time on fault diagnosis.

Improve fleet up-time

Improve reliability by immediately knowing what’s wrong, and getting back on the road faster than before.

Monitor and ensure compliance

Protect your organisation with data proving compliance with emissions legislation, maintenance schedules and more

You are in good hands

Working with our customers from installation through to long term customer support is at the very heart of Vantage Power’s DNA. From developing the most feature-rich telemetry and remote diagnostics systems to partnering with nationwide vehicle support companies, Vantage Power stands behind its products every step of the way.

Installation and Integration Support

Vantage Power manages all installation activities for its hybrid retrofit products, and also provides on-site integration support for turnkey solution customers.

  • Installation of the hybrid retrofit system takes place at one of several Vantage Power-approved centres.
  • All VTP5 paperwork is handled for you.
  • Vehicle is tested and delivered ready for service.
  • For turnkey customers, VP’s product support teams work onsite at the  OEM’s facilities to ensure correct and rapid installation.

Aftermarket Support

Vantage Power spearheads aftermarket support with unrivalled telemetry and remote diagnostics capability as well as on the ground support.

  • 24/7 remote diagnostics via VPVision
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Rapid response time by trained mechanics
  • Service centres based around the UK

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