Vantage Power Products & Solutions

Our team and technology has a wide variety of products and solutions in the field of electrification and connectivity for heavy-duty vehicles and systems. All of our products and solutions are customisable and can be applied to a large number of industries.

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Heavy duty vehicle telemetry. By connecting to VPVision you can unite your hardware with the latest cloud computing services and unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Edge Computing on to your vehicles and vehicle systems.

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Drive Systems

Vantage Power has extensive experience in designing and integrating hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains for heavy-duty vehicles, for both our own products and our customers’ with a deep understanding of electrification, and its commercial challenges and opportunities.

Range Extender

Utilising proven, reliable components, Vantage Power’s Range Extender technology converts diesel fuel into high voltage DC electric power. This is achieved through the coupling of a Euro V or VI heavy duty diesel engine and aftertreatment system to a high torque density electric generator.

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle (R)ePower

Vantage Power’s (R)ePower system is a collection of proven powertrains modules that are assembled together in either a series hybrid or pure electric configuration. The existing powertrain in the vehicle is removed in its entirety, and the (R)ePower is installed in its place.

Hybrid Battery System

Vantage Power’s battery pack technology is specifically designed for the rigours of heavy-duty vehicle applications. VP’s Hybrid Battery System is a direct liquid cooled, lithium-ion cylindrical cell based battery pack for hybrid vehicle applications.

Custom Battery Solutions

We have designed and launched lithium ion batteries into production for a range of applications, from automotive to stationary energy storage, and can carry out full battery system development from the beginning of the definition of a new battery product through to manufacturing.

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Controller

The Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Controller is an integrated powertrain system control unit for use in hybrid and electric vehicles. Proven in many hybrid electric vehicles to date this product builds on a robust set of software libraries created and tested in-house by VP.

Custom System Controller

Using a proven platform controller technology well suited for complex systems, VP designs, develops and validates custom application control systems, leveraging the power of data-flow programming to create world leading remote access capabilities for large cyber-physical systems.