Hybrid Retrofit
The B320 System is based on a series hybrid architecture and is installed by connecting it into existing electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and engine mounting points.

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations are being enforced in cities around the world to tackle the problems caused by vehicle emissions. Buses are a disproportionately large contributor - particularly of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter as they are big, heavy, operate up to 24 hours a day, and run in and around the most densely populated areas. Large numbers of buses - many with a lot of life left in them - will be made obsolete by upcoming legislation, putting tremendous financial strain onto bus operators.

Vantage Power's B320 Hybrid Retrofit System is designed to solve this problem by allowing operators to hybridise their existing buses for a fraction the cost of buying a new hybrid. In doing so emissions are upgraded to Euro V or Euro VI levels, and fuel consumption is reduced by over 40%. Furthermore, operators benefit from a new technology suite being added to their vehicles, including real-time 24/7 telemetry, geo-fencing, and remote testing and diagnostics.

The existing engine and gearbox are removed, and the B320 is installed by connecting it into the existing electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and mounting points. The old engine and gearbox will typically be used for spare parts in other buses within the fleet, and because the B320 System replaces ageing components, operators get a new drivetrain complete with warranty.

A bus powered by a B320 System requires no change to depot infrastructure or duty cycles. The bus doesn’t need to be plugged in at night or to have the battery pack removed or swapped as with some other hybrids. It is refuelled with diesel in exactly the same way as a conventional bus would be - the only difference being it needs much less!

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What are the benefits
The following are the benefits an operator will typically receive from installing a B320 System:

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The Complete B320 System
  • A fully integrated series-hybrid system on modular sub-frames
  • Allows zero-emissions engine off mode for 4 km (2.5 miles)
  • Using technology and components proven in the bus industry

Vantage Power is focussing initially on developing the B320 System for the UK’s 2 most popular double-decker bus chassis - ADL's E400, and Volvo's B7/B9TL. Other bus chassis will be supported in due course.
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Together these account for close to half of the public service buses on the UK’s roads. B320 variants for single-decker applications will be developed after the market introduction of the double-decker version.

To find out more about purchasing the B320 System, please email Sales, or give us a call. Contact details can be found on the Contacts page.