VP Vision
VP Vision combines advanced energy management firmware with an online platform allowing real-time diagnostics and a suite of technologies not yet seen in the bus industry. It’s the Internet of Things for buses.
VP Vision is forged from the idea that the future of energy efficient public transport is only going to be made possible through the effective use of data. Using the latest cloud based IT architecture, we are obtaining, analysing and presenting vehicle data in a way that has not been done before. We are gaining insights that have never been possible and through VP Vision we can transfer this capability directly to our customers. Today VP Vision is in the early stages of an exciting and ground breaking product roadmap. We are already offering an unparalleled service to the bus industry but more importantly we have laid the foundations to deliver more new features in the months and years to come.

As we continue to develop VP Vision we have a number of simple aims:

- Optimise the running of hybrid and electric vehicles.

- Prevent failures to maximise vehicle availability.

- In the event of failure, ensure the quickest and most efficient diagnosis and resolution.

- Ensure minimal spare parts need to be held by our customers.

- Provide the best and most accessible training to those working on the vehicles.

- Reduce the administrative burden and provide advanced capabilities such as:

- Geo-fencing

- Predictive maintenance

- Machine Learning

The diagram below displays the initial phases of VP Vision and the different areas that are being catered for.
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Using the latest cloud- based architecture offers VP Vision a number of advantages over more traditional means. VP Vision is:
- Truly global. Vehicles can run on VP Vision from anywhere in the world.

- Built to scale up. Increasing the demand for data analysis or increasing the number of vehicles is routine.

- Multi-Device. Using adaptive web design, VP Vision can be viewed in a range of internet connected devices.

- Always updating. VP Vision runs 24/7 presents data that is less than 5 seconds old .

- Secure. Using the best end to end encryption available, VP Vision treats data security as a priority.

VP Vision comes as standard with a Vantage Power B320 hybrid retrofit. The telemetry system is platform agnostic, this means it will work on any of the current and future vehicles that will receive our B320 system.
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In addition, the VP Vision telemetry system can be fitted to other vehicles as a stand alone unit. Utilising VP Visions existing architecture design and user interface, many of the benefits can be realised by building upon our tried and tested framework.