Hybrid New Build
Vantage Power sells modules of its successful B320 hybrid system to bus manufacturers for incorporation into new vehicles. Vantage Power works with its customers to ensure the integration of hybrid modules into the bus is optimised for fuel consumption, reliability and cost.

The cost to bus manufacturers of developing and testing hybrid and electric powertrain technology can be extensive and very time consuming, especially when considered on top of the pace of development in other areas of bus technology. VP was founded in 2011 and financially backed specifically to develop hybrid and electric powertrains for buses, and is now making this technology available to bus manufacturers around the world.

VP has developed range extender (Euro V and VI), energy storages system (ESS), traction, control and telemetry modules that can be incorporated into the design of new buses. With advanced features such as ESS cooling/heating, remote access, diagnostics and telemetry as standard, VP's powertrain modules offer the most advanced solutions based on years of development and testing.

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