(R)ePower Full Electric Powertrain

Tailpipe emissions from heavy duty vehicles cause significant air quality issues, and legislation around the world is tightening up, forcing operators to upgrade existing vehicles or buy new. This is often a very expensive proposition – a different solution is needed.

Vantage Power’s (R)ePower system takes out the existing powertrain and replaces it with a brand new, fully electric powertrain.

Upgrade your vehicle to make the change to electric, beat emissions legislation, and get an all new warrantied driveline.


No more diesel

Forget about diesel forever, and charge up on clean, low cost electricity instead

Zero emissions

Eliminate your dependency on emissions legislation by upgrading to zero emissions

Ultra low maintenance

Without a traditional engine, gearbox and exhaust system, electric powertrains radically reduce maintenance costs

Lowest total cost of ownership

(R)ePower represents the lowest cost and best payback route to go all electric

Reduced noise

(R)ePower removes the engine and large cooling pack, giving your customers a much quieter drive

VPVision as standard

VPVision – Vantage Power’s industry-leading telemetry solution – is included as standard, giving you and your customers unparalleled control and insight

(R)ePowering in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Strip out existing powertrain

VP’s installation partners strip the existing engine, gearbox, cooling packs and ancillaries from your vehicle. These parts can be used for spares, saving you money elsewhere in your operations.

Step 2: Installation of (R)ePower modules

The engine bay is cleaned and a brand new, warrantied, electric powertrain is installed. Existing vehicle electronics and cabin space remain unaffected.

Step 3: Commissioning and sign off

The vehicle undergoes a full diagnostics sweep before being tested and then signed off. Legal paperwork is completed and the vehicle can then be returned to service.

VPVision Telemetry

All our (R)ePower systems come pre-installed with our industry leading telemetry, monitoring, maintenance and spare parts portal.

VPVision is an advanced cloud based telemetry system for buses, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles to:

  • Reduce component failure and warranty support costs;
  • Improve fleet up-time through predictive analytics;
  • Monitor and ensure compliance.


VPVision has been developed from the ground up for vehicle OEM’s, tier 1 suppliers of major vehicle systems, fleet operators and transit authorities where vehicle up-time and legislation compliance are of paramount importance.

Forget traditional telemetry where reams of data need to be poured over to gain any useful insights.

Choose VPVision to do the work for you.













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