You and your team might want to be alerted to the occurrence of specific issues, vehicles or events in real time. For example, an alert when a vehicle enters a depot, an alert when a vehicle has driven more than 200 miles in a day, an alert for excessive idling, an alert for when the vehicle is being towed – the possibilities are endless. The Alerter App allows you to customise your alerts and receive a notification through a variety of mechanisms. Alerts can be switched on or off at your request, can be automatically switched off outside of non-working hours and are geo-fence compatible.

Features include:

  • Triggered based on vehicle data, fault codes and geo-location.
  • Alerts can be tailored to individual users and assets.
  • Off-duty hours can be established to prevent out of hours alerts.
  • A variety of communication techniques are available including email and SMS.
  • Alerter-1
  • Alerter-2