Compliance Monitor

Whether it is your customer, the operator, the transport authority or government bodies who are mandating regulations – compliance monitoring is becoming increasingly important and complex. The Compliance Monitor App takes streamed data and uses it to identify non-compliance in near real-time. In addition, data can be run through calculations and aggregated to provide a compliance summary over a longer time period or can be used in conjunction with other data layers, such as maps, to enable geo-fenced compliance reporting.

Live alerts and customisable reports will ensure your products perform as required.

Features include:

  • Customisable alerts.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.
  • Customisable reporting techniques and visualisations – including heat maps.
  • Customisable pre-warning indicators before going into non-compliance.
  • Geo-fence compatible.
  • Compliance-Reporter-1
  • Compliance-Reporter-2