Configuration Manager

When trying to understand trends in failure data or performance anomalies, or find the correct replacement part or engineering manual, it is important that the configuration is accurate and available. The Configuration Manager App allows users to track top level assemblies, key components and software to ensure the configuration is kept up to date and any changes are logged. A record of the utilisation of individual components can be kept, useful information to have when swapping components and managing warranty stock.

Features include:

  • Create assemblies with part numbers, revision and serial numbers.
  • Assign and track key components on each assembly.
  • Associate assemblies with the asset they are fitted to and establish a build standard.
  • Record configuration changes in the log book.
  • Auto-detect software versions.
  • Track utilisation of assemblies and key components.
  • Track utilisation of warranty stock parts.
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  • Config-Manager-2