Content Manager

When it comes to operating, installing, maintaining, repairing or simply understanding your assets, there are a wide array of methods to communicate this information. The Content Manager App enables a range of multimedia content, including text and pictures, PDFs, videos and CAD files, to be organised and made readily available for viewing. This content can be linked to other parts of VPVision so users can easily navigate between, for example, a service event, to the servicing instructions or video demonstration. Content is viewable on mobile and tablet, so is easily accessed in the field.

Features include:

  • Administrators can add, remove and edit content using a powerful interface.
  • Add photos, videos, text, CAD files and PDFs.
  • Organise content into categories.
  • Search for content by tags or key-words.
  • Users can rate content and leave feedback to identify improvement areas.
  • Users can bookmark content for regular viewing or to come back to later.
  • Content is compatible with PC, tablet or phone – for out of office viewing.
  • Link specific training pages to other relevant areas of VPVision for easy navigation.
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