Data-Driven Servicing

Servicing assets on heavy-duty vehicles can be time consuming and costly. Do it too often and you’re wasting resources, do it too little and the product life or reliability may be deteriorating. Lots of component parts will demand servicing based on their utilisation, such as on-time or number of operations, whereas actual servicing tasks are frequently based on elapsed time – regardless of utilisation.

The Data-Driven Servicing App uses data to flag up when servicing tasks need to be performed. This can be simply by monitoring the utilisation or more complex by detecting the deteriorating effectiveness of systems and components.

Features include:

  • Trigger a service event when it is required.
  • Get notice in advance of service events.
  • Trigger a service based on utilisation.
  • Trigger a service based on performance.
  • Include a description of the servicing work required.
  • Users can add comments to servicing events, start and complete them.
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