Fault Manager

The Fault Manager App allows you to capture and present fault codes that have occurred across your fleet. Fault codes generate a report which service engineers can use to manage the fault through to resolution. Faults can be assigned to different categories, assisting in the diagnosis and ensuring consistency of repair across your organisation. To prevent information overload, fault alerts can be supressed based on customisable rules per vehicle and/or per fault code.

Features include:

  • A searchable list of historical and live faults.
  • A grading system for severe or moderate faults.
  • Users can add photos and descriptions of fault events.
  • Users can record steps taken to diagnose and resolve faults.
  • Separate faults can be linked if they are part of the same event.
  • Assets can be marked in or out of service.
  • A category can be assigned to individual faults / approved by admin.
  • Categories are customisable and describe how to diagnose, root cause and resolve the fault.
  • Fault codes are customisable by description and severity.
  • Fault codes can have rules applied for when they should be ignored.
  • Repeat issues on specific vehicles can be masked.
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