Fault Predictor

Data can be effectively used to anticipate faults earlier than existing industry standard methods. Why wait until a stop light appears if the problem can be prevented a month earlier?

With real-world data so easily accessible, a variety of advanced techniques can be applied to identify trends or clues leading up to fault events. VPVision already has various analytical tools that can spot common trends or anomalies, these can be configured to your application. When indicators are found in the data, their detection can be automated and the approach can be extensively validated and refined before deployment. The Fault Predictor App will present your prognostic alerts in a clear format and in advance of more serious issues.

Features include:

  • List of prognostic alerts per vehicle.
  • Severity of prognostic alert – yellow, amber, red, stop light.
  • Remaining useful life (RUL) estimation.
  • Daily trend indicator showing if the failure risk is escalating, static or improving.
  • Prognostics-2
  • Prognostics-1