Name: Joe Lockett

Role at VP: Graduate Engineer

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?: I have so many claims to fame that it’s a miracle I’m not actually famous!

What did you study to end up in a role like yours?: I studied for a Masters in mechanical engineering at Cardiff University, doing projects in Automotive, Condition monitoring and Prognosis sectors.

Why did you become an engineer?: I’ve always been a keen cyclist, this has given me a fascination of all things mechanical. Building and maintaining my own bike was where it all started. Design and optimisation of components and systems shows what can be achieved and to be even a small part of that is what attracted me to engineering.
What has the VP Grad Scheme involved for you over the last few months?: My first placement has been on the Test team at VP. During which I have undertaken a broad range of task such as mechanical design, test planning, experimental set-up, data analysis and testing itself. I’ve also been underneath a bus and dipped my toe into a bit of programming. I’m excited to face the challenges of my next placement.

What do you like most about working at VP?: The atmosphere! The VP team is fantastic, it is such a welcoming environment everyone is working towards the same goals, so teamwork is everywhere. Everyone is available to help and educate each other to achieve further development within and outside the company.

What’s the best part about working in engineering?: The ability to work on the edge of technology making direct changes to the place I live. Technology that engineers develop makes huge changes to peoples lives daily. One of the best parts for me is being able to understand and relate to the work that is put in to get these tech breakthroughs.

What advice do you have for people considering an engineering graduate scheme?: Throw yourself in at the deep end, engineering is about problem solving so find some problems. Don’t stick to the parts of engineering you are good at, take opportunities while you can to learn and develop in the areas which you are less comfortable in. Engineers have a vast range of skills and to be a good engineer knowledge across as many of these as possible gives you a massive advantage