Performance Reporter

Knowing how your assets are performing in the real-world is a huge advantage, specifically for product development and customer support. Which parameters and how you monitor your product performance will likely evolve with the product lifecycle; a new product at first release vs a mature product deployed at scale will require different types of performance reporting.

Which data you and your engineers see is customisable, the Performance Reporter App allows you to select the channels that matter, select the assets and the time period to obtain the data and insights you need.

Features include:

  • View hourly or daily energy consumption, utilisation, speeds, etc.
  • Data channels are customisable.- Selectable by asset name and date range.
  • Includes data aggregation.
  • Error handling built in to filter out erroneous data.
  • Data exports to csv.
  • Visualisations and PDF reports.
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  • Performance-Reporter-1