Remote Diagnostics

It is not always necessary to visit an asset to diagnose what the fault is. A lot of travel time and money can be saved by quickly reviewing faults remotely before travelling to an asset. The Remote Diagnostics App allows you to specify which channels are important to your engineers when diagnosing faults. These channels can be presented to your engineers showing the time leading up to and after a fault event, providing an opportunity to understand what caused the failure.

These same channels can also be presented as a live stream with 10 minute rolling history, meaning service engineers can issue instructions remotely and see the effect in near real time.

Features include:

  • Location of fault event.
  • Asset utilisation statistics on day of fault event.
  • Duration of fault event – latched or intermittent.
  • Viewing multiple critical channels before and after the fault event.
  • Viewing multiple critical channels “live” on a 10 minute rolling history.
  • Viewing live vehicle status, such as ignition, gear, brake, accelerator, etc.
  • Optional: Fault data can be live streamed or sent in a once-a-day upload.
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