Vantage Power manufactures complete hybrid powertrains that retrofit buses already on the road. Coming with remote telemetry as standard, customers get live performance data enabling enhanced fleet management, maintenance, fuel economy and emissions.
About Us

Welcome to Vantage Power! We design and manufacture retrofit hybrid powertrains for buses, enabling operators to reduce their fuel consumption and emissions at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new hybrid buses. By designing the whole hybrid system - everything between the fuel tank and the wheels - we ensure optimal performance of every component, resulting in higher fuel economy, lower emissions, and greater reliability than other systems.

Our engineering team - drawn from the heavy-duty vehicle, Formula 1 and aerospace industries - is continuously challenged to develop innovative solutions, and this has culminated in a truly unique product offering. To bring our products successfully to market, we are partnered with:

- Ensignbus: The UK’s largest used bus dealer, selling approximately 1,000 vehicles a year, and a commercial bus operator with a fleet 100-strong. Ensign have been instrumental in testing and verifying our hybrid retrofit system, and represent a significant route to market.

- Marshall of Cambridge: A £1.4bn turnover engineering powerhouse that has built over 10,000 buses alongside its aerospace, military vehicle and motor retail businesses. Marshalls bring key commercial and engineering support.

Vantage Power was founded by Alexander Schey and Toby Schulz in 2011, both having been active in the electric and hybrid vehicle space since 2007. The company is well funded through its active and supportive investor base, and has attracted close to £1m in government funding.

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    UK Bus Awards 2015 Innovation

    On 24th November 2015, Vantage Power, together with Ensign Bus, collected a Gold award in the Innovation category at the UK Bus Awards.

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    UK Bus Awards 2015 Environment

    On 24th November 2015, Vantage Power, together with Ensign Bus, collected a Silver award in the Environment category at the UK Bus Awards.

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    NI Global Engineering Impact Awards 2015

    On 4th August 2015 Vantage Power collected 1st prize in the Transportation category at the National Instruments Global Engineering Impact Awards.

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    NI Engineering Impact Awards 2014

    On 3rd November 2014 Vantage Power collected 2nd prize in the Transportation category at the National Instruments Engineering Impact Awards. Coming second behind the overall winner from all categories, Vantage Power's application was praised by the judges as an innovative deployment of their tools and for the industry beating speed of development for such a product.

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    Shell Springboard 2013
    National Winner

    On 14th May 2013 Vantage Power became UK winner for the Shell Springboard Award. The award which was designed to find the UK's most innovative and exciting low-carbon business was presented by the Chairman of Shell UK and the Secretary of State, the Rt. Hon. Vince Cable.

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    Shell Springboard 2013
    Regional Winner

    On 23rd April 2013 Vantage Power won the Shell Springboard 2013 Award for one of three regions in the UK. VP saw off more than 120 companies to secure a place at the regional heat of this year's competition and impressed judges with their low carbon innovations. This prestigious award comes with a £40,000 cash prize and a place in the national finals.

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    Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards
    2013 Regional Winner

    On 21st March 2013 Vantage Power won the Lloyds TSB Award for Best Enterprise in London and South-East. Competition at the awards was very intense with many other companies exhibiting hugely promising and exciting business cases. VP was awarded the prize alongside £5,000 for the business as well as two years of free mentoring.

Our Board
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Robert Marshall - Chairman

Robert was appointed CEO of the Marshall Group of Companies in January 2012. Marshall is a fourth generation family company with annual sales of £1.4bn that has extensive activities in aerospace design, military aircraft maintenance, military ground systems and motor retail. After attaining a 1st Class Degree in Engineering at Cambridge University, Robert spent some time in the USA as a Scientific Research Associate with Lockheed Martin, later founding a business designing and manufacturing specialist equipment for use in microbiology laboratories. Robert is enthusiastic about engineering and the education and training of engineers in UK. He sits on the Board of the EEF and is a member of the prestigious Cambridge Angels investment group.

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Alexander Schey - CEO

Alex is the CEO and co-founder of Vantage Power, has been involved in the design and building of electric and hybrid vehicles since 2007, and has a 1st class honours degree in mechanical engineering degree from Imperial College London. With a passion for inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs, Alex has given over 50 speeches at schools, universities and museums including 2x TEDx talks, 6x Institute of Engineering and Technology lectures, a 4-day outreach programme at the London Science Museum, a lecture at the Royal Institution, and a keynote presentation at the SAE Motors Symposium, Detroit. Alex was also voted one of London’s “25 under 25” by The Evening Standard in 2013, and one of Europe's 30 Under 30 by Forbes in 2016.

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Toby Schulz - CTO

During the five years prior to founding Vantage Power, Toby worked in the design and build of several hybrid and electric vehicles. Specialising in vehicle control systems and powertrain architecture design, and with a 1st class honours degree in mechanical engineering, Toby adds key knowledge and skills to the team. He is passionate about new ventures in the low carbon vehicle sector and seeking out new opportunities to bring innovative technology to the market place. Toby is fluent in English, German and Spanish.

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Peter Cowley - Non Executive Director

Peter Cowley is a Cambridge University Engineering/Computing graduate who has founded and run a dozen technology and construction businesses and has angel invested in over 35 start-ups in Cambridge and London. He is or has been a non-exec director of nine of those.  For over a decade, Peter has been involved in charity and social enterprise governance as chair and treasurer of various trustee boards. Peter is a board member of the Cambridge Angels, and has mentored countless entrepreneurs. He setup and runs the Martlet start-up investment fund of Marshall of Cambridge, like a family office investing off a £1.4bn revenue, corporate balance sheet. He is a Fellow in Entrepreneurship of the Cambridge Judge Business School and, currently, UK Angel Investor of the Year.

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Colin Nunn - Financial Director

Colin has twenty five years’ experience in a wide variety of international senior Financial Director and Commercial Director roles, with experience ranging from multi-billion pound quoted companies such as Rovi, Lotus, BAe Systems and NTT, to having worked in seven start-ups. Colin is an investor in early stage companies and a portfolio Finance Director, currently working with nine companies, and having been the Finance Director of over thirty companies in the past. Originally qualifying with Deloitte, Colin is a Chartered Accountant.

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John Stares - Board Observer

John Stares is an Imperial College Maths graduate who worked in IT, qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then was with Accenture for 23 years. With Accenture he worked as consultant with clients in most industry sectors and during his 15-year tenure as a partner held a wide variety of leadership roles in Accenture's Canadian and European businesses. Since retiring from Accenture in 2001, John has held Chair/Non-Executive roles with a variety of Operational businesses (including an airline, teleco and electric utility), Investment Funds and Charities. Between 2002 and 2012 John also led the Guernsey Enterprise Agency. When he retired from that role he co-founded Guernsey’s first Angel Investor group through which he has built up a portfolio of 12 angel investments.

Thank you for your interest in a career at Vantage Power. We are a dynamic company with an experienced 22-strong team based in West London and are always on the look out for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals that relish a challenge. If you fit any of the job descriptions below or feel you could add value in other ways (and are NOT a recruitment agent) please get in touch. Vantage Power explicitly rejects any obligations or conditions attached to any unsolicited CV or profile.
  • Customer Support Engineer

    About Role:

    As VP’s B320 system goes into operation, the Customer Support team will be looking to perform a number of activities where in-depth technical product knowledge and an excellent understanding of the system’s performance and parameters is required. The engineer recruited into the customer support team will be instrumental to the generation of reference material such as servicing and repair content, training content, correct spares listing and also formalisation of processes such as application approval. The Customer Support Engineer will report directly to the Customer Operations Manager. In addition to ensuring the highest quality content is provided to our customers, the engineer will also be at the forefront of vehicle telemetry and analysis, receiving and reviewing the vehicle performance data first hand in order to rapidly spot trends or features and deciding which need to be acted on. At the beginning, they will be instrumental in the remote fault diagnosis and will continually document and transition this capability to other members of the customer support team. They will also be fundamental to the creation of rules/algorithms that can be applied to vehicle data to deliver optimisation and preventative maintenance capabilities. As these capabilities are created, they too can be documented and transitioned to the customer support team.

    Responsibilities and Activities:

    - Creation and maintenance of the spare parts database, repair instructions, servicing instructions, customer assembly instructions and servicing schedule;

    - Making available and signing off 2D and 3D drawings/models if used as part of a customer interface;

    - Technical input and signing off training and test material, such as video tutorials;

    - Assist in creation of new product introduction process for customer assembly line;

    - Creation and executing application approval processes;

    - Creation of a recommended spares/consumables list, tooling and calibration requirements, and the release and test procedure for the vehicle;

    - Assist training in-field staff in the use of on-vehicle diagnostics equipment;

    - Perform and provide training in remote diagnostics on in field faults / failures;

    - Perform remote testing and health checks of vehicles in service;

    - Help create refurbishment, testing and release procedures for warranty stocks;

    - Assist in performing safety assessments of test equipment, processes and procedures;

    - Lead failure investigations, categorisations and corrective actions.

    Skills and Experience


    - Experience working in automotive, plant, large engines or the bus industry;

    - Experience in manufacturing and/or support sectors;

    - Natural affinity with all manner of IT, including databases and Excel;

    - Good understanding of the business considerations around warranty provision;

    - Exceptional communicator, both receiving technical data and articulating complex problems in a concise and simple manner;

    - Working knowledge of configuration control, BOMs and change processes;

    - Experience in a knowledge sharing, training or instructional roles;

    - Experience in creating processes and procedures;

    - Experience in failure root cause and analysis methodologies.


    - Photo and video capture and editing, and CAD capabilities are a bonus;

    - The candidate needs to be structured, organised, logical and data driven;

    - Motivated, enthusiastic and interested by our products;

    - Passionate about attention to detail and delivery of high quality content;

    - Multi faceted, multi talented individual willing to perform a diverse role.

  • Data Analyst and Coordinator

    About Role:

    Vantage Power’s customer support software has the ability to provide high quality content, readily available and intuitively linked. Data is captured in a variety of forms; streaming, from the customer base, through general use and from the Vantage Power engineering and support teams. The Data Analyst and Coordinator will ensure that the content being loaded into the software has the quality and integrity demanded. The Data Analyst and Coordinator will provide technical assistance to internal and external customers ensuring they get maximum benefit and utilisation of the software, and will report to the Customer Operations Manager. They will help generate and take ownership of complex analysis routines used for preventative maintenance, remote diagnostics and vehicle optimisation and ensure these are correctly implemented and automated within the software. They will ensure that all events, notifications, part orders or requests for assistance are picked up, actioned and rapidly closed out. The Data Analyst and Coordinator will be able to monitor performance and raise emerging problems in a suitable timeframe, and they will be able to rapidly generate reports to ensure continued high performance of our vehicles and also of the Customer Support team.

    Responsibilities and Activities:

    - Administer all user accounts, setting up, modifying and providing permissions on accounts;

    - Ensure telemetry data and user generated content is being correctly captured;

    - Assist in the creation and maintenance of reference material, such as training, spares, repair and service documentation;

    - Execute data analysis routines to identify known fault types;

    - Review and understand data to look for new or emerging patterns, liaise with the engineering team / field support team / customer to understand how data anomalies are exhibited on the vehicle;

    - Assist and educate users to ensure the quality of content they provide is high, enhance user contributions by providing linking, photographs and extra content as necessary;

    - Define automated reporting, understand and be able to explain any trends or anomalies;

    - Ensure urgent requests are being flagged and acted upon, generate and monitor KPIs to ensure on-going high performance of the services team;

    - Understand how the user community is using the software and contribute to the on-going development process to improve our service capability;

    - Learn from the experts around you in order to utilise data and perform remote diagnosis;

    - Seek to automate as much as possible;

    - Provide internal / external user support to the software tool.

    Skills and Experience


    - Strong knowledge of databases and/or data models, Statistics, Simulation, scenario analysis and also data visualisation techniques;

    - Business savvy and ability to handle significant complexity;

    - Strong understanding of predictive / analytical modelling techniques, theories, principles, and practices and good understanding of machine learning skills;

    - Understanding of the customer service sector, an interest in vehicles and new technology;

    - Be naturally systematic, analytical and metrics driven capable of building and understanding a database that supports decision making;

    - Be able to process large data volumes from multiple sources in an organised and logical manner.


    - Able to build rapport, forming trusted and strong working relationships;

    - Able to adapt quickly adapt to changing priorities and thrive in a fast paced environment;

    - Challenges the norm, actively looks for new ways of how we do things;

    - Enjoys problem solving, is driven to understand why things happen. Naturally inquisitive nature, keen to learn;

    - Positive communicator, good articulation and presentation skills.

  • Technical Project Manager

    About Role:

    You will report to the CTO and will work with engineering management as well as the design engineers to create project timelines, manage project progress, align milestones and objectives, as well as make sure resources are in place in order to achieve the stated timelines. You should be comfortable working in an automotive powertrain development environment and be familiar with common design and manufacturing techniques. Creating project plans from scratch using commonly known project management tools: GANTT charts, RASIC matrices, etc. should be something you enjoy, and you should thrive on the communication of project timelines and issues to the design teams. You should love a dynamic, fast-paced environment with many projects running simultaneously and change happening on a daily basis where you can add significant value by bringing in structure and processes to aid successful project completion.

    Responsibilities and Activities:

    - Create project plans from scratch using commonly known project management tools with input from engineering management;

    - Communicate project timelines to engineering management and project teams;

    - Maintain GANTT charts and regularly review progress with design teams;

    - Highlight to management any deficiencies in resources i.e. IT, software licensing, human and office based resources;

    - Assist in writing and submitting grant funding applications for technology development;

    - Track project budgets;

    - Travel to suppliers and external development partners and track progress against schedules.

    Skills and Experience


    - Engineering Honours degree of similar;

    - A solid command of Word, Excel and Powerpoint;

    - Either formal project management training or at least two years experience in a formal project management position;

    - Good knowledge of common design and manufacturing techniques used in automotive powertrain environments;

    - Background or experience in automotive development sector;

    - Great communication and presentation skills.


    - Experience of writing Innovate UK (formerly TSB) grant funding applications.

  • Procurement Specialist

    About Role:

    You will work within the Supply Chain team and will report directly to Supply Chain Manager. You will be responsible for satisfying the supply of sub-assemblies, components & materials to the production line and R&D projects. A significant activity will also be supporting the implementation of the selected ERP system and ensuring ongoing data integrity. Achieving your goals will be challenging but immensely rewarding, and you will be expected to demonstrate a high degree of initiative, autonomy, perseverance and dedication.

    Responsibilities and Activities:

    - Managing the ‘Procure to Receipt’ cycle (Place purchase orders with selected suppliers, supplier acknowledgements, delivery and oversee goods receipt);

    - Support the implementation/operational of the selected ERP system, including preparing data for loading and testing, maintaining data integrity (particularly planning and supplier data), and operation of the demand planning aspects in the ERP system;

    - Preparing regular reports including supplier performance (delivery, quality and cost), supplier/category spend, open purchase orders, and inventory reporting;

    - Contributing to the development of the supply chain function, its processes and best practices;

    - Work with the engineering team to procure quotes for newly designed parts;

    - Manage purchasing for R&D and non-production engineering parts.

    Skills and Experience


    - Proficient in the use of MRP/ERP systems (operation, data-loading & reporting);

    - A solid command of Word, Excel and Powerpoint;

    - An engineering/manufacturing background;

    - Minimum 3 years working in a supply chain/procurement function;

    - Eye for detail, systems orientated and passionate about data integrity;

    - Experience working in an automotive/high technology environment;

    - Excellent communication and negotiation skills;

    - Enthusiasm to work in a growing dynamic organisation with a flexible approach to be deployed in supporting the development of the products and processes.


    - Experience of working with a variety of commodities / materials / processes, including machined parts and fabrications, fasteners and proprietary parts, and systems and equipment;

    - Working towards CIPS/equivalent supply chain qualifications;

    - Degree/HND/HNC in an engineering related discipline (dependent upon experience);

    - Familiarity with Terms and Conditions of purchase.

  • Production Manager

    About Role:

    You will work within the Operations Team and will report directly to the COO. You will be responsible for building up a battery pack production line and overseeing system assembly at our sub-contractors. Achieving your goals will be challenging but immensely rewarding, and you will be expected to demonstrate a high degree of initiative, autonomy, perseverance and dedication.

    Responsibilities and Activities:

    - Design and build up of an in-house battery pack assembly line including the specification of specification of machines and tooling;

    - Management of large-scale assembly operations of chassis and mechanical components at a variety of sub-contractors;

    - Working with the Engineering and Supply Chain teams to ensure component and system quality;

    - Take the company up to ISO9001 accreditation;

    - Build up and manage a motivated, skillful production team.

    Skills and Experience


    - A solid command of Word, Excel and Powerpoint with the ability to create Excel-based models, and accurate, concise reports;

    - At least 5 years experience as a Production Director/Manager in a related industry or related sector;

    - Experience of creating new high-tech manufacturing processes;

    - Experience of building and managing a production team;

    - Experience of and adherence to ISO quality standards;

    - Experience in auditing suppliers’ factories.


    - Experience of managing the process to ISO9001 accreditation;

    - Experience of battery pack manufacture including cell tab welding and high voltage working practice and safety;

    - Experience in selecting, implementing and using production management software.

  • Chief Control Engineer

    About Role:

    You will be in charge of leading the control engineering team and overseeing the development of the control system from a prototype to a production ready version to be deployed on many road vehicles. This is an evolutionary step that you will have experienced before in your career and you will be confident around the control system design cycles, processes and documentation.

    Responsibilities and Activities:

    - Leading control engineering team – currently 4 engineers – and project management of development;

    - Identifying and implementing control system design processes;

    - Implementing rigorous control system documentation;

    - Guiding and participating in control algorithm development;

    - Liaising with other engineering teams to determine interfaces between control system and application.

    Skills and Experience


    - Experience in automotive control systems environment in leadership position;

    - Experience in developing embedded control algorithms for automotive;

    - Proficient use of at least two common embedded programming languages;

    - Experience with embedded controllers;

    - Experience with automotive CAN tools (one of Peak CAN, CANalyser, Softing);

    - Experience with software version control.


    - Experience with National Instruments LabVIEW, CompactRIO and SoM;

    - Experience with networking communication protocols, TCP/IP, server implementation and databases.

  • Mechanical Design Engineer

    About Role:

    You will be a part of the packaging design team, designing the integration of the B320 hybrid powertrain into different vehicle models. You should have relevant experience in integrating automotive engine and powertrain components and be comfortable with design-for-manufacture processes and practices. Designing new parts from scratch, validating designs using appropriate analysis tools, creating manufacturing drawings and overseeing the manufacturing of the parts should be second nature to you.

    Responsibilities and Activities:

    - Design for manufacture of mountings for engine bay components;

    - FEA of designed components;

    - Creating assembly drawings and instructions for production;

    - Designing integration of critical powertrain components e.g. diesel engine and transmission.

    Skills and Experience


    - Mechanical Engineering Honours Degree or similar;

    - A solid command of a 3D CAD modelling software preferably Autodesk Inventor;

    - Experience in vehicle build programs preferably in heavy-duty sector;

    - Confident grasp of drawing for manufacture and GDT;

    - Experience and confidence in FEA;

    - Good knowledge of manufacturing techniques for sheet metal and extrusions.


    - Hands-on experience with operating workshop machinery (i.e. lathe, mill, grinders etc.) is desirable.

    - Experience with automotive hybrid and/or electric powertrains.

If you are interested in working with us please use the following email address to get in touch (no agencies):