About us:

Vantage Power, an Allison Transmission Company, is focused on developing powertrain electrification, hybridization and connectivity technologies for heavy-duty vehicles around the world.

Since 2011, the team has grown into a highly specialized and experience-rich group of engineers and professionals. We have developed truly excellent battery pack and control system technologies deeply integrated with a unique and proprietary internet-of-things (IoT) telemetry system that gives vehicle manufacturers, operators and service staff the most comprehensive and actionable vehicle intelligence on the market.

Our technologies have been applied to heavy-duty vehicles as part of both retrofit and OEM hybrid and electric applications, as well as off-vehicle applications such as grid energy storage. We are tremendously excited to support these industries with our class leading technologies.

Vantage Power was founded by Alexander Schey and Toby Schulz in 2011, both having been active in the electric and hybrid vehicle space since 2007. Prior to forming Vantage Power, Alex and Toby set a world record by driving the longest road in the world – the Pan-American Highway – in an electric car built in 2009/10. The pioneering, can-do spirit is what started Vantage Power initially.

It is that same pioneering spirit that attracted Allison Transmission, who purchased us in 2019.  While Allison owns Vantage Power, an Allison Company, it is of significant importance that we maintain our unique style and culture, while leveraging the foundation of the world’s largest supplier of fully automatic transmissions.